Coach Fred is on a mission to renew undervalued, self-driven men by restoring their lost confidence through life coaching, public speaking, and his podcast.


Coach Fred Has been hosting Podcasts for 2+ years that you can subscribe to for additional motivation, inspiration and guidance.

Life Coaching

Coach Fred is a certified life coach, and has practicing for 5+ years. 20+ years experience as a mentor.

Public Speaking

Coach Fred has 5+ years of experience and passion as a professional and diverse public speaker.

What Will You Gain with Life Coaching?

Change Your Mindset for Success
Advancement in Your Career
Spiritual Growth
Restore Your Self-Esteem
Better Organization Skills
Enjoyment of Life

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– 5 Years As a Certified Life Coach
– 10+ Years Mentoring Youth

– CEO of a 501 (c) non-profit Movement of Unity and Mentorship


– Leadership Training

– Toastmaster’s Club

– Studied under life coaches and mentors with over 100+ years of combined experience.


– ICF Accredited Certification for 5+ years

Personal Life

– Husband and Father

– Football Coach

– Involved in the Community

– Christ Follower

Life Coaching. Public Speaking. Podcast.

Why Choose Coach Fred?

Fred has over 10 years of mentoring experience and 5 years of certified life coaching experience. Although he is a Christ Follower, he wants to help everyone gain the skills and confidence they need-regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. Fred’s focus is to help men regain their confidence, but his approach can be applied for women as well. 

Strive for Success

It is time to become the FOREMAN of your life! Become the best man or woman you can be!

Gain Confidence

Feel better about yourself and life. Change your mindset and regain your self-worth.

Spiritual Growth

You can truly become what God intended you to be and have a better relationship with Him.


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